Hi! I walked into a small, local Coop to pick up a few things and was told to leave the store- and not too kindly…a customer, the only one in the store, verbally attacked me first, then 3 Coop employees. I was totally shooken up, my heart beating fast and at the same time pretty darn angry. The reason? I absolutely refuse to wear a mask. The male employee asked me to provide proof that I am exempt after I told him that that I won’t wear one due to health issues. Is he allowed by law to even do so?? I just want to know my rights. Is it really possible that even if the pandemic was real, that the government can make these laws?? Will I really be fined or arrested if I enter a store without a mask? Who has the right to even detain me? And if a Coop employee stands in front of me and won’t let me pass, isn’t this considered some kind of assault (okay- maybe not physical- unless of course I tried to step forward- who knows, he might have physically held me back…)?
I just want to know my rights, if I even have any. And how could I get around hiring a lawyer just in case I was detained? Lawyers are expensive for the average, normal person and through experience I know that even if you win in a court of law, it can cost you thousands.
Probably the worst of this whole situation is the division and anger it is causing. I truly don’t want to upset people, I don’t want to fight, but I just very stubbornly cannot accept this whole mask and social distancing thing. I will NEVER submit. I will NEVER become one of those zombies that just accept all this garbage. But how do we do it without fighting???? It gives me stomach pains to think of what happened in Coop today. But I think I would have felt terribly disappointed in myself for giving in and putting on a mask. My 10-year-old daughter was with me and God help me, I will never give up in what I believe in at any time, especially if she is watching.

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Christine Feller